🪂 Tutorial for Registering and Claiming Optimism $DHK Airdrop

🀄Chinese Version

DHK Airdrop Tutorial

1. Please prepare your Keplr browser extension wallet and a MetaMask browser extension wallet that supports the Optimism Network. For instructions on how to add the Optimism Network to MetaMask, please refer to the official tutorial.

2. Go to the DHK Airdrop page on your browser at https://airdrop.dhk.org.

3. Click on “Connect Keplr” within the Keplr box, then click “Approve” to link your Keplr wallet.

4. After successfully linking the Keplr wallet, click on “Connect Wallet” within the Ethereum box. If you have more than one wallet address, please select the MetaMask wallet address you wish to link on the “Connect with MetaMask” page and then click “Next”.

5. After selecting your wallet, click “Connect”.

6. Upon successful linkage of your Keplr and MetaMask wallets, your wallet addresses will be displayed. Review and confirm that they are correct. Click “I’m not a robot” and pass the reCAPTCHA mechanism.

7. Once completed, click “Register”.

8. Upon seeing the “Done. Confirmed Registration for this month’s airdrop was successful. Thanks.” page, it means you have successfully claimed this month’s airdrop.

9. Airdrop claiming starts on the 16th of every month and ends at 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month. Keplr wallet that have completed the $DHK airdrop claiming process and are eligible will automatically receive $DHK airdrops on the Optimism Network in the MetaMask wallet at the beginning of the following month.

10. If the wallets are registered multiple times to claim airdrops, the first successful registration result will be taken.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the DHK dao Telegram Group within the airdrop or English channel.

How to add $DHK to your MetaMask wallet?

Method 1

  1. Go to $DHK’s Optimistic page: https://optimistic.etherscan.io/token/0xe85d2c93f7e26b99a46a8bb9350cbfb965fa4f82
  2. In the menu on the right, select “add token to metamask (web3)”
  3. Your wallet will pop up an Add Token screen (using Metamask as an example)/ If you haven’t added OP Mainnet, it will not pop up. Please add it in “Add a network” first.
  4. Completed

Method 2

You can add it to MetaMask using the button created by @leafwind_tw: https://codepen.io/harshcasper/pen/gOOoGLm

Method 3

  1. Copy the Token Contract address (displayed in the link)
  2. Paste it in “Import tokens” (take MetaMask as an example) -> Next -> Next -> Import
  3. Completed

$DHK Airdrop Schedule

At the end of each monthDHK dao takes a snapshot of wallets staked to #decentralizehk – DHK dao validator node on various blockchain networks
From the 16th to the last day of the next monthStakers go to the DHK Airdrop page at https://airdrop.dhk.org to register and claim the airdrop from the previous month.
Beginning of the third monthStakers receive $DHK.


End of MarchSnapshot taken.
April 16th to 30thRegister and claim the airdrop from the previous month (March).
Early MayReceive $DHK

$DHK Airdrop Q&A

Q: How to claim DHK dao tokens?
A: DHK dao distributes $DHK to wallets staked to #decentralizehk – DHK dao validator nodes and those that have completed the claiming process every month. For the blockchain networks DHK dao is validating, refer to https://dhk.org/.

Q: What is the purpose of $DHK?
A: To be staked to DHK dao and vote for every proposal.

Q: What is the value of governance tokens?
A: To establish consensus, govern the community, and allow voting through staking.

Q: If I receive more than 1 $DHK, can I vote multiple times?
A: We encourage you to send $DHK to friends, promote staking, and collaborate on issues.

Q: If a friend forgets their wallet information, doesn’t that mean one less vote? Can I vote on their behalf?
A: Voting is crucial, but the process is also essential. To truly experience “establishing consensus” and “governing the community,” extra votes are merely numbers without more participants.

Q: Why should I give valuable $DHK to others?
A: High liquidity amplifies value, increases demand, attracts more people, and creates a positive cycle.

Q: Selling $DHK seems more appealing; when I get rich, I will know how to govern a community!
A: Participating in governance itself has a constructive vibe and can amplify value. Both can definitely coexist.

Q: If I actively give $DHK to others, people will surely think I’m a scammer. Is it so easy to achieve the goal?
A: Please encourage them to take a look at the Declaration of DHK. Hong Kong people are becoming more enlightened and will understand the importance of ploughing a lone furrow of shared values.

Q: If there’s an airdrop, it’s very normal to sell it, so no one wants to stake with DHK dao. Isn’t that reasonable?
A: Where there’s money flow, there’s people flow. It can attract more attention, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Q: I hoard $DHK and don’t distribute it, preventing other people from voting. Is this okay?
A: 100% community voting rate is the vision. Promotion and voting are processes and results.

Q: Can I claim $DHK more than once?
A: Each Keplr wallet can claim the airdrop only once per month.

Q: What if no one claims the airdrop?
A: Unclaimed $DHK will be sent to the community reserve.

Q: Why, even after staking and completing the claiming process, have I still not received $DHK?
A: $DHK is distributed based on the number of tokens staked to the #decentralizehk – DHK dao validator node in each wallet. The more you stake, the more you receive. If the staked amount is below the minimum threshold of 1 $DHK for airdrop pairing, the wallet won’t receive the airdrop. And also there are three possible reasons why you haven’t received it:

  1. You registered on the wrong date
  2. You registered with the wrong account
  3. You registered with the wrong account again