Building Consensus among 7mil people

Declaration of DHK dao

  1. Vision: building consensus among 7mil people.
  2. Mission: to educate muggles on blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralization.
  3. Operation: a validator across various blockchains, governed by her users.
  4. Consensus: adopt lazy consensus. Community support is assumed unless someone says otherwise.
  5. Governance: 1 DHK 1 vote, covering issues that can be digitally achieved to facilitate the vision, mission and operation.
  6. Culture: Pay it forward. Always convert muggles into users of cryptocurrency and give them 1 DHK token.
  7. Code of Conduct: with great power comes great responsibility. With more DHK, you have greater responsibility to convert muggles and give out all but 1 DHK. Bottom line, sell all but 1 DHK to the market.
  8. End game: 7,000,000 DHK in the hands of 7,000,000 users.

v1, 2022.05.09

DHK dao 宣言

  1. 願景:為七百萬人建立共識。
  2. 使命:為麻瓜提供區塊鏈、密碼貨幣及無大台相關技術的普及教育。
  3. 實踐:在各區塊鏈經營由用戶自治的驗證人。
  4. 共識:採用「懶惰共識」機制,日常運作預設社群支持,直至有人表達不同意向。
  5. 治理:1 DHK 1 票,涵蓋促進以上願景、使命或行動,並能於賽博空間實踐的議題。
  6. 文化:pay it forward,持續給出 1 DHK,轉化別人成為密碼貨幣使用者。
  7. 守則:能力越大,責任越大。持有越多 DHK,肩負越大轉化麻瓜的責任,直至手上只剩 1 DHK。底線為把自有 1 DHK 以外的全數出售。
  8. 終局:讓 7,000,000 人持有 7,000,000 DHK。