Comdex 增加驗證人名額至 80 席

DHK dao 於 Comdex 提出議案六,獲得 98.12% 贊成,1.87% 棄權,順利通過。Comdex 驗證人名額已增加至 80 席。

Comdex 議案六詳細內容如下:

Proposal 5 suggested to increase the validator seats to 100 and received more than half votes of Yes. Unfortunately the proposal did not reach quorum and is thus invalid.

We believe with the gradual maturity of Comdex, it does make sense to increase the validator seats. The failure of proposal 5 is possibly due to 1. increase too many seats in one time; 2. lack of time to vote, some validators might not have aware of it.

Therefore, we are proposing to increase validator seats again, but:

1. more conservative: increase to 80 instead of 100

2. leave time for deposit so that more validators and stakeholders will be aware of it. Please deposit a small amount of CMDX if you agree to it.

By voting Yes to this proposal, you agree to increase the validator seats to 80.

By voting NO to this proposal, you disagree with increasing the validator seats and prefer keeping the current MaxValidator value of 75.

接下來,#decentralizehk – DHK dao 將會繼續做好 Cosmos 生態內的治理工作。



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